• Light Plot

    For a PDF version of the light plot, click here:J-SPRINGER-PLOT

    For a Vectorworks 2011 version of the lightplot, click here:J-SPRINGER-PLOT-2011

    For a Vectorworks 2008 version of the lightplot, click here:J-SPRINER-PLOT-2008

    Please note that converting the original plot from Vectorworks 12 into these other file formats, some very minor formatting errors have occured.

    Channel Hookup

    For a PDF version of the Channel Hookup, click here: Channel-Hookup-JS-Paperwork

    For a Lightwright 5 version of the paperwork, click here: JS-Paperwork

    Cue Track and Follow Spot Track

    For a PDF version of the cue and follow spot track, click here: J-Spring-Cue-Track

    Please note that information including timing of cues, and autofollow times are not included in this cue track. I utilized a hard-copy of this file to record these timings. I chose to include the base file without timings, as the timings are irrelevant without seeing the production.

    Also please note the the F1 and F2 columns on the cue track are for Follow Spot 1 and Follow Spot 2.

Enemy of The People

Production Photographs

Rimers of Eldritch

Light Plot and Drawings

Passing the Love of WomenRelated Paperwork