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Renderings: A Tool for Organization and Communication

The Director: The Life and
Times of Elia Kazan



These three renderings represent initial scenic and lighting concepts for a one-man performance piece about Elia Kazan opening at Round House Theatre in April. While we are still in the beginning stages of the design process, this type of rendering has helped visually present our (the production team's) initial thoughts in an effort to spark creativity and new ideas to further our vision for the the production.


Passing the Love of Women


This research collage for Pasing the Love of Women presents my emotional and scenic concepts. While initially a tool for my organization, this collage was a useful tool in talking about the show with the production team.

Passing the Love of Women is the story of two young, Orthodox Jews in 19th Century Poland. The two young men, first connecting through their religious studies, fall in love and are cast out by their community. The story follows their tragic journey through Poland as they try to come to terms with loving each other and their place in an Orthodox society.