• Light Plot

    For a PDF version of the light plot, click here:F-A-Plot

    For a Vectorworks 2011 version of the lightplot, click here:F-A-PLOT-2011

    For a Vectorworks 2008 version of the lightplot, click here:F-A-PLOT-2008

    Please note that converting the original plot from Vectorworks 12 into these other file formats, some minor formatting errors may have occured.

    Wish List

    The wish list is a two-step process. Step one (the rough wish list) involves brainstorming every possible idea and lighting tool I can think of that a production needs. The second step (the final wish list) involves turning those ideas into reality. I assign lighting instruments to each idea, and only after each idea has instruments do I make cuts to fit into the available inventory. This process allows me decipher which ideas are most important to the show and which ideas may be extraneous.

    For a PDF version of the rough wish list, click here:F-A-rough-wish-list

    For a PDF version of the final wish list, click here: F-A-final-wish-list

    Cue Track

    For a PDF version of the cue track, click here:F-A-cue-track

    Please note that I have choses to include a scanned version of my full cue track for this production unlike for Jerry Springer: The Opera.

    Channel Hookup

    For a PDF version of the Channel Hookup, click here: F-A-Hookup-PDF

    For a Lightwright 5 version of the paperwork, click here: F-A-Hookup

Enemy of The People

Production Photographs

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Light Plot and Drawings

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